5 Trolley Party Bus Ideas to Impress Your Friends

When it comes to planning the perfect party, you want to make sure to impress your friends. From the right trolley to the decorations and the locations, make sure you have everything in order so that your friends and family will leave your trolley party bus wishing they were the ones that had put it together! You might even want to think about going into party planning after how successful your next party is. Let’s take a look at 5 trolley party bus ideas to help you impress your friends:

1. Create a Dance-Worthy Playlist

What makes a party come together the most? Music! One sure way to enhance your party and ensure it is a blast is to create a dance-worthy playlist. With a fun soundtrack to your party as you hop from place to place, or even go directly to your destination, you can help your guests loosen up and have fun! Choose songs that make you want to get up and dance, along with songs that make you want to sing along!

2. Decorate to Match the Occasion

Whether you are renting a trolley for your wedding, bachelorette/bachelor party or just want to have fun on a bar crawl, it is always a good idea to decorate for the occasion! Think about what theme you want for your party. Whether it is a 1940s theme, cocktail attire or even a Hawaiian theme, your guests will love it! Decorate your trolley to fit whatever theme you choose so your guests can enjoy the event even more!

3. Dress to Impress

That’s right; now is the time to dress for the occasion. Is this a bachelorette party? A birthday party? No matter what type of occasion this is, try to make things even more fun by creating a theme or a dress code for the evening! What about a black tie affair? Or even a white tie affair? Either way, you can keep your party that much more interesting by having your guests dress to fit the part—everyone will love it!

4. Plan a Unique and Fun Route

You can choose your favorite neighborhood bars, or you can even choose different monuments or locations to stop at along the way. Want a really nice group photo on the lake? Then make that part of your route! Have a 1940s theme? Try making your route one that Al Capone might have explored! The more thought you put into your party and the route, the better! Your friends will surely be impressed the whole time!

5. Get Picked Up in Style

That’s right! A sure way to impress your friends is by being picked up! When you plan your trolley party, keep in mind the location and where the trolley can pick you up! For instance, if you have a trolley for your wedding party, you might want to pick the girls up first and then the guys before heading to the reception! Either way, your guests will love not having to worry about driving to the next location.

A lot of thought goes into an event, but the transportation doesn’t have to be the hardest decision. Choosing a trolley for your party is the easy part. Dressing up, decorating, choosing music and a choosing a route will require more thought and attention so your friends will leave impressed with your party throwing skills.

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