How to plan a party trolley event in Chicago

Have an upcoming gathering and don’t have the details ironed out yet? Maybe it’s time you planned a party trolley event in sweet home Chicago!

Party trolley events are certainly a fun way to get together with friends, but what should be considered before the big day? The below tips will help get you started and ensure your trolley party goes without a hitch.

What kind of vehicle should you rent?

The number of guests that are attending will make a big impact on your selection of a vehicle. Trolleys typically transport a maximum of 35 guests. If you have more than 35 guests attending, you need to make the decision to stick with the trolley, and simply rent two, or use a party bus instead. Trolleys are certainly a fun way to get around the city, but your event’s needs are most important.

Are you visiting locations? How many?

If you are planning a bar crawl type event, you will have to plan the stops you will make throughout the night. It is important to make sure to contact these establishments prior to the event to be sure they can accommodate your party. Also, it is important to consider the time it takes to commute to each location. If you plan an event for 3 hours, too many stops, or time caught in traffic between stops could cause unneeded stress.

Where will everyone meet? Where will the party begin?

Depending on the kind of event you’re celebrating, it may be best to meet at one person’s residence and get picked up as a group, or it could be better to meet at your first “stop”, and get picked up right from there. Try to make this location as convenient as possible for all of your guests. Renting a vehicle for a party makes it easy for your guests to get around, don’t make it hard for them to get together to start!

Who is the banker?

If you plan on paying for all costs yourself, this does not apply, however if your guests are chipping in for expenses be sure to be clear about full costs, as well as when and who they will pay. It is recommended to collect early the day of the party, or even prior to the event. Otherwise, you risk the fun of the night causing people to forget what they owe!

How to organize?

This is completely dependant on the occasion, as some events require a more formal invitation. However, if you’re throwing a laid back party trolley in Chicago, Facebook events and email work just fine! Facebook will allow your guests to RSVP easily, so if you’re an avid facebook socialite this will come natural!

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