6 Bus Types and The Things to Consider When Planning a Vehicle Tour

Do you have an upcoming event or get-together? Are you searching for the perfect outing for your friends, family or coworkers? With the availability of a Trolley company, you can set your sights on a vehicle tour for any event. However, when it comes to planning your vehicle tour, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages you should consider before choosing the best vehicle for your tour. Let’s take a look at 4 bus types and the things you should consider when planning your vehicle tour.


Coach Buses

Coach buses are often a great choice for large groups of people. Each coach bus can typically hold 47-57 passengers and almost always contain a restroom (this is ideal for long travels). If you are traveling on the interstate, require luggage storage and are looking for the comfort of large, reclining seats, then a coach bus may be the perfect choice for your group.

However, due to their size, coach buses are far less common for tours due to their size and agility within the city, but they can be a suitable fit for your group if it is on the large side. The use of a coach bus is also beneficial for long distance trips with your group because they can often include:

  • DVD players
  • Monitors
  • Public Address (PA) systems
  • Other entertainment needs


Mini-Coach Buses

On the smaller size of buses, you might consider a mini-coach bus, as it typically holds from the mid-teens to around 40 passengers. Unlike the coach bus, the mini-coach bus does not have a restroom aboard, but they will typically have:

  • Designated luggage areas
  • Comfy reclining seats
  • PA system

With these added features, mini-coach buses are extremely versatile for meeting your group’s needs.


The Party/Limo Buses

In the same category as mini-coach buses will also be “Party” or “Limo” buses. These buses are the same size as mini-coach buses, but the inside resembles that of a limo and is complete with:

  • Monitors
  • CD/DVD players
  • Perimeter leather seating
  • Bar area
  • A “dancing” pole

This type of bus can definitely be fun, but choose wisely when it comes to this type of bus. If you want to lead a tour or hold a corporate event, this is not the best choice for your event, as it has a lack of visibility for sightseeing and has a distracting interior.

Trolley Cars

Due to a trolley car’s seating capacity, size and maneuverability, it can be categorized with the mini-coach bus and party/limo buses. However, trolley cars can lack in entertainment and comfort, while excelling in visibility and versatility. Whether you have a wedding, graduation, birthday or corporate party, a trolley car can be the best choice for your group to hit up the city.

Trolley cars almost always have forward facing seating and a PA system, which makes them perfect for a narrated tour of the city. They also provide your group with the most visibility—depending on the design—and can be either open or enclosed. The choice is yours, which means you might choose an open option for warmer weather and a closed for colder seasons.

You can also have your choice on seating—forward facing benches or perimeter seating. If you are conducting a tour, then forward facing benches will be the best choice, while perimeter seating is the best choice for entertaining.


Double Decker Buses

Double decker buses are iconic two story buses that you may have seen in various movies. Originating from London and most British colonies, double decker buses can hold upwards to 70 people—and that is combining both floors. The upper deck is open, which makes an excellent option for sightseeing tours due to the high vantage point—hopefully the weather is just as nice!

Large cities will utilize double decker buses for sightseeing tours of the city and are typically basic—similar to public transit buses. The maneuverability and speed may also be a disadvantage here because of its size. Double decker buses are also limited to certain roads and areas due to height and weight restrictions, so your location is limited. Double decker buses are best for sightseeing tours and not parties.


Watch Out for Restrictions

In the city of Chicago, it is required that you are certified in order to charge for a narrated tour. If you are signing up for a narrated tour, remember to ask for proper documentation before signing or hiring your tour guide. By doing this, it helps the legit business man who has worked hard to get where they are, while also allowing you to rest easy knowing that the facts are indeed true and not made up along the way.

While this may be a lot of information, it is important to cover all your bases. Whether you are putting together a party or a vehicle tour, knowing your options and the advantages/disadvantages can save you a lot of time and money. Take the step toward the best event and do your research. Contact us if you have any further questions. We would love to help you in your decision making.

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