What to Expect from Our Trolley Rental Drivers

The best trolley experience includes all the details, and that even includes our trolley rental drivers. Our trolley drivers can be described as a cross between a limo driver, a school bus driver and an ice cream truck driver. Each driver takes a passion in his or her role as a trolley driver and works to ensure every event meets the individual needs of our guests.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from our trolley rental drivers:


In the mindset of a limo driver, our trolley drivers are trained to look and act professional daily. Trolley rental drivers need to be prepared to host a wide range of events. From the laid back get together and wild parties to elegant, formal events, our drivers need to be ready for any event. We host bachelor/bachelorette parties that can get wild, while weddings and corporate or political functions tend to be calm.

No matter what the event is, customers always expect a clean, well-dressed, courteous and knowledgeable driver. Other than looking sharp and clean cut, we train our drivers to always provide superior levels of customer services, which might include:

  • Assisting riders on/off the vehicle
  • Maintaining the environment the guests expect (i.e. lighting, music, etc.)
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicles

The driver is one of the most important aspects of a trolley event that can make or break it, which is why professionalism is key.

Safety and Order

In the mindset of a school bus driver, our drivers are required to maintain a high level of safety and order of the group. As you know, a school bus holds children and the drivers are trained with an emphasis on safety. Other than driving in a safe manner, we also expect our drivers to maintain order and control of the group without getting involved in their interactions.

Trolley drivers can maintain safety and order by:

  • Knowing the itinerary
  • Watching for people who may wander in front of the bus
  • Making sure all riders are being respectful
  • Checking for items left on board

By maintaining safety and order, our drivers can ensure that your event is the best it can be without complications.

Slow and Cautious Driving

In the mindset of an ice cream truck driver, our drivers always drive slowly and cautiously. Just as an ice cream truck driver has to watch out for children, our trolley drivers need to watch out for our customers because they may be standing while the vehicle is in motion. When a customer is standing while the vehicle is in motion, any sudden stops or turns can spell danger.

With an ice cream truck, you never see it zipping and speeding down the road, so why would a trolley? Trolley drivers are expected to drive slowly, cautiously and to always smile because you never know when someone could snap a picture of you as you drive down Michigan Ave.

Optimal Preparation

As a driver it is key to be prepared while on the job. For optimal preparedness, drivers should carry everyday items they may need, such as:

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Bottle openers
  • Garbage bags
  • Rubber gloves

By being prepared for every situation, drivers can ensure that each even is up to the standards of the customer. As our mothers often say, “You can never be too prepared.”

If you want to know more about trolley drivers and our services, please contact our office and ask about our driver requirements.

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